Doulton SS Gravity Water Filter with ATC Super Sterasyl Candles


Doulton SS Gravity Water Filter with ATC Super Sterasyl Candles

The Doulton SS Gravity Water Filter System is purposely designed for situations in which a safe and reliable source of drinkable water is not available. This makes the Doulton SS Gravity Water Filter System ideal for outdoor travelers, hikers, expeditions, missionaries and so on. Due to their effectiveness at eliminating water-born diseases such as cholera and typhoid, they are also being specified for field operations by many of the worlds major aid and emergency relief organizations as well as the US Military.

The Doulton SS Gravity Water Filter System is made from high quality surgical grade stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance. It is lightweight, durable and easy to clean.


The systems comes complete and ready to use, including 2 Doulton® Imperial ATC SuperSterasyl™ 7 inch filtration elements (self-sterilizing ceramic candle elements) and a tap. Unlike the normal Super Sterasyl Candles, the ATC Super Sterasyl Candles remove heavy metals, primarily lead, and therefore are the best ceramic candles produced by Doulton. We also have a version of the Doulton SS Gravity FIlter System available with normal Super Sterasyl candles.


The system can be purchased with not just two but four Doulton® Imperial SuperSterasyl™ 7 inch filtration elements (candles), which can produce over 40 gallons per day (GPD) of purified drinking water from the most dubious of water sources. For the four filter option, select the check-box above.

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British Berkefeld® – A brand trusted for more than 100 years.

SS is ideal for camping, emergency situations, and everyday use.

For use on municipal or natural water supplies.

Saves you money on expensive bottled water.

Up to 5 US gallons of reliable drinking water on tap wherever you are.

Filters out:

  • Pathogenic Bacteria (cholera, typhoid, salmonella, E-coli, etc.)
  • Giardia, Cryptosporidium, and other parasites.
  • All types of particle contamination

SS is a portable, lightweight, high capacity filter.

Easy to use. Simple to maintain.

Pour untreated water in the top. Get filtered water from the tap.

No power supply required.

Can be fitted with Sterasyl™ or Super Sterasyl™ filter candles.

Ceramic filter candles can be cleaned to extend life.

Adding the optional Berkey PF-4 Fluoride Filters

The Berkey PF-4™ Fluoride and Arsenic reduction elements are designed for use with the 7 Inch Long Mount Doulton Super Sterasyl™ and the Doulton ATC Super Sterasyl™ ceramic filtration elements which are used in the Doulton SS Gravity Water Filter Systems.

The PF-4 filters adsorb the following four unwanted elements most commonly found in drinking water.


– MTBE (Methyl-tertiary-butyl-ether)
– Fluoride
– Lead
– Arsenic

PF-4™ filters are also designed to adsorb:

– DBCP (Dibromo-chloro-propane)
– THMs (trihalomethanes)
– Herbicides & Pesticides
– Heavy Metal ions

Simply add these to your order. The PF-4 Filters are fitted in the lower chamber of the Gravity system (not the upper chamber), so they will reduce the lower chamber water holding capacity slightly.

Doulton® SS Gravity Filter Assembly Instructions


Ceramic filter candle cleaning

Regular cleaning of your Doulton Super Sterasyl Candle can help ensure the flow rate from your gravity water filter system is optimal. Flow rate may reduce over time as the candle filters sediment and particles. Watch this video to see how the candle is cleaned:

Testing & Certification:

NSF and WRAS  testing and certification – to standard NSF/ANSI 42 Drinking Water Treatment Units – Aesthetic Effects and NSF/ANSI 53 Drinking Water Treatment Units – Health Effects. Full testing and certification information is available  via the following link: Click here

Manufacturer is audited by the British Standards Institute (BSI) and achieved BS EN ISO 9001 quality standards.



Comes with 2 or 4 ATC Super Sterasyl Candles

For customers who do not have a reliable pressurised mains water supply, whether it is at home, on a campsite, or in a holiday cottage, a gravity filter enables you to have clean filtered drinking water on tap. Water is poured manually into the upper chamber. It passes through the filter candles under pressure of gravity into the lower chamber where the filtered water can be accessed via a tap on the front of the filter.

Made from high grade polished stainless steel, the SS Gravity Filter is a portable, robust model, which is easy to keep hygienically clean. The SS is very popular with aid organisations and private customers alike.

“A recent study by a leading UK University showed that use of British Berkefeld® drinking water filters in a community in Zimbabwe slashed cases of potentially fatal diarrhoea (a common problem in Africa caused by pathogenic bacteria and cysts in the water supply) to virtually zero. British Berkefeld® filters have been shown to work in the most demanding conditions.

All portable systems are fitted with genuine Doulton candles®. Wing nut and gasket are included with every replacement element.

Container Capacity: 10 Litres or 3 US Gallons.
Typical Output per day: 40 Litres or 10 US Gallons.
Empty Weight: 2.5 kg or 5.5 lbs.

Used by many of the world’s leading relief organizations including US Military.

The SS is fitted with 2, 3, or 4 filter candles depending on the flow rate required (more candles = higher flow rate).
When fitted with Sterasyl™ filter candles, the output of the SS, assuming regular refilling of the upper chamber, will be approximately as follows:

2 candles – 40 litres per 24 hours
3 candles – 60 litres per 24 hours
4 candles – 80 litres per 24 hours

Dimensions: Assembled 8″ x 19″ / Stored 8″ x 13.5”
Upper Reservoir Holds 8 liters of Untreated Water
Lower Reservoir Holds 8 liters of Treated Water

All SS filters have four holes to enable the fitting of up to 4 candles. The holes which are not in use are filled with removable rubber bungs.

As standard, the SS takes candles which are 7 inches long, 2 inches in diameter, with a long mount and a wing nut. The SS should be fitted with either Sterasyl™ or Super Sterasyl™ or ATC Super Sterasyl™ candles.

For ease of transport, the upper chamber fits into the lower chamber to save space.