News Headlines 20th August 2021


Liberty Tactics Launch Night

John Durham Puts Hillary‚Äôs Team On Notice – Grand Jury Now Probing ‘Fake Evidence’
Clinton’s worst nightmare comes true.
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Prince Andrew Faces Prison Time As UK Police Investigate Pedophile Claims

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French Refused Entry into supermarkets without Covid Pass
New Zealand to enter nationwide lockdown after detecting 1st local case for 170 days: “Do not talk to your neighbors.”
Australia Bans Letterboxing & Begins Snatching Kids

AZ Audit Update – Report Expected Monday[/vc_column_text][box_header title=”Latest News Shows” bottom_border=”1″ top_margin=”page_margin_top_section”][pr_post_carousel items_per_page=”-1″ offset=”0″ featured_image_size=”small-slider-thumb” category=”news-shows” tag=”-” show_related=”0″ post_format=”-” order_by=”date” visible=”2″ count_number=”0″ show_comments_box=”0″ show_post_excerpt=”0″ read_more=”0″ show_post_icon=”1″ autoplay=”0″ scroll=”1″][/vc_column][/vc_row]