Oreo launches LADY GAGA PEDO themed cookies inspired by her album Chromatica

These people really are sick.

Today Oreo announced they have launched Lady gimme a bucket I’m gonna GAG cookies and that they were inspired by her album Chromatica.

The biscuits are shaped like the pedo symbol for little girl lover and the Album is refering to Adrenochrome.

Below you can see the similarities  On the left we have images from the FBI on pedo symbols and to the right lady Gaga Oreo.

According to the Daily Mail

 ‘The cookie designs feature the Chromatica logo, a heart, and an image of Gaga herself in sky-high heels      and an elaborate costume.

Fans eager to buy the Gaga-licious treats can purchase limited-edition six-packs starting this January.

And starting today, fans can sign up for the Lady Gaga x OREO Stan Club to be notified about the official release date.

The first 1,000 to join will get a free pack. “