Operation Kaddie?????

Yes – it’s Sirius – planet X……..?

Sir Cliff Richard left “shocked and traumatised” by police inquiry into

sex abuse claims


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When you start ‘singing’?

Mmm – Can’t take this article  siriously [not a typo] – not solely cos of the David Wigg pic – and the ‘character validations’

South Yorkshire Police told the Sunday Mirror the force was “receiving investigative support” from the Crown Prosecution Service over its assault probe.

But CPS officials swiftly confirmed that, despite contrary reports, no file had been received from cops.

Police have repeatedly refused to give any details of the progress, costs, or manpower involved in the probe into Sir Cliff, codenamed Operation Kaddie. South Yorkshire Police said in a statement: “The investigation continues and we are now receiving investigative support from the Crown Prosecution Service.”

The CPS would not comment further.

Oh dear

It’s being called a PROBE btw – guess that’s the 2016 term for what they used to call a witch hunt.

Others stick with the old English term – COVER UP