Vaccines and Autism

Many of us either personally knows of someone who has been diagnosed with autism or know someone else who does. The number of children suffering from the condition appears to be on the increase, and although many of us believe that we know the real cause of autism, scientists from around the world blame the ever-increasing numbers on everything from cold parenting to the month of the year that the child was born.

In 2009, Simon Baron-Cohen announced that autism was genetic and that, in the future, prenatal testing would allow parents to be able to choose whether or not they wanted to give birth to an autistic child.

Whilst the news of prenatal testing for autism excited many parents, the mere idea of aborting children with autism sent shock waves through the autistic community.

Child psychologist and expert in autism Lisa Blakemore-Brown was absolutely horrified by Baron-Cohen’s suggestions and told reporters on One Click News that she was totally bewildered by the research scientists obtaining funding from the U.K. government were undertaking. She wrote:

“It is shocking that autistic children and their suffering is routinely ignored for years and years, until Professor Baron-Cohen suggests casually to the world via the BBC that autism may one day be picked up in the womb. Suddenly we hear of the terrible lives many children and their families have to endure, in order to justify the idea of aborting them before they are born. Perhaps Professor Baron-Cohen should address the possibility that these bio-markers may simply show which children might react to vaccines and their components such as mercury and aluminium and the tapestry effect when live viruses are introduced? In which case its the damaging vaccines that need terminating not the babies! (own emphasis)

Despite her recommendations, however, governments have continued to refuse to consider the possibility that vaccines could be the cause of autism and the number of cases has continued to rise.

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