Schoolgirl ‘killed herself because of sensitivity to wi-fi’, mother claims

A 15-year-old girl killed herself because the wi-fi in her school made her ill, her bereaved mother believes.

Jenny Fry’s mother Debra, 55, claims Jenny hanged herself as a result of symptoms caused by exposure to wireless internet signals at home and in Chipping Norton School.

Now she has launched a campaign for wireless internet to be removed from schools.

UK health bodies do not recognise the condition of “electromagnetic hypersensitivity”, which Ms Fry said gave her daughter severe headaches, tiredness and bladder problems.

Clinical trials have been unable to establish its existence, but Ms Fry pointed to groups such as the Safe Schools Information Technology Alliance (SSITA), which hosts a range of studies she says vindicate her concerns.

She told the Standard wi-fi was “the next asbestos”.

“If asbestos is found in a school there’s a big hoo-hah,” she said.

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