Flu alert as shocking figures reveal thousands of Brits are turning down jab


Thousands of Brits are risking their health this winter by shunning the flu jab, doctors have warned.

The number of patients being vaccinated is down 6% compared with the same period last year, according to “extremely alarming” figures from the Royal College of GPs.

Some family doctors have expressed concerns that their surgery fridges are “full” of unused jabs due to patients not turning up in the usual numbers.

They fear the unusual mild weather may be deterring or delaying patients. This is despite the fact that cold weather is not always a factor in flu outbreaks.

It is also feared some people may not want to bother with the jab after it emerged last year’s seasonal flu vaccine was barely able to protect people from the main strain of flu being spread in the UK.

Of particular concern to medics are those in “at risk” groups such as older people, pregnant women, people with learning disabilities and those with long-term conditions like asthma and diabetes.

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