Strictly Come Dancing announcer claims cocaine and ecstasy are regularly delivered directly to ‘more than half’ of BBC staff at their desks

Strictly Come Dancing announcer Alan Dedicoat has sensationally claimed Class A drugs including cocaine and ecstasy were regularly delivered to more than half of BBC staff.

BBC Veteran Mr Dedicoat, 60, who is known as the ‘voice of the balls’ because he has announced the National Lottery since 1995, said a drug dealer delivered his wares to BBC staff at their desks.

In a taped conversation which was handed to the Sun newspaper, Mr Dedicoat can be heard discussing the drugs deliveries, even claiming some members of BBC security staff were involved.

But today Mr Dedicoat, who did not say he had ever bought or taken drugs, has now backtracked and says ‘there is no truth’ in the allegations.

On the tape, which is believed to have been recorded in Wales,  he is asked how many people bought from the drug dealer.

He said: ‘Erm, At least 50 per cent, he just goes from desk to desk.’

‘The police can do nothing about the fact that he’s delivering desk to desk.’