11 millionaires who voted for Tory tax credit cuts in the House of Lords

George Osborne enlisted some of Britain’s richest people in a panicked bid to save his tax credit cuts.

More than 270 peers trooped through the House of Lords last night to back the Tory Chancellor – and were allowed to claim £300 each just for turning up.

Now their names have been released in a roll call which includes some of Britain’s most prominent multi-millionaires.

Theatre bigwig and Tory peer Andrew Lloyd-Webber prompted outrage by voting after flying in from New York for work .

Billionaire Tory donor Lord Bamford, Britain’s 29th richest man, took a break from running the JCB digger empire to troop through the lobbies with his peers.

Baroness Hollis quotes real cases of people who will lose out .

Bra tycoon Michelle Mone also backed the cuts despite enjoying free travel last month in a ministerial car – where she hung out her top to dry .

George Osborne is plotting revenge on the unelected Lords after he lost the vote despite the millionaires’ help.

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