Workie – by Ross Altman & Ian Duncan Smith

This is the physical embodiment of the workplace pension, – according to Altman and Smith

Maybe the monster is seen as better PR than Theo?

Do any of these videos – cuddly or not – actually tell anyone anything about ‘workplace pensions’? Where the money goes? Who pays what in – and what you get out? – what are the risks?

Does this help?

No I thought not.

What do you get back – and when? Do you have to be over 74?

Clear as mud?

You bet – just give them your money and they’ll get the cuddly furry monster to manage it.


Who needs em?

Nice cartoon like characters and well known tv personalities – you know it’ll be A O K

Besides – we all know we can trust Ian Duncan Smith – don’t we?

(Don’t get me started on Altman – there’s not enough hours in the day )

HAPPY RETIREMENT – if you live that long