High-tech network planned to counter remote-controlled terrorist attacks on UK

Armed Forces minister Penny Mordaunt and military experts are drawing up plans for a new drone defense network to protect the UK from the threat of unmanned aerial vehicles being used to carry out terror attacks.

Mordaunt outlined plans in parliament on Monday to develop a network of countermeasures to prevent drones striking crowds and infrastructure.

She described the issue as an “emerging threat” and said plans were being laid in the Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) to purchase the technology to see off any such attacks.

We recognize this as an emerging threat and there is a clear strand of work in the SDSR that is looking at counter measures to the situation,” she told MPs in the House of Commons.

A number of companies are vying to provide the required technology, which may include anti-drone missile systems and special jamming systems to hinder the signal required to pilot the vehicles remotely.

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