The biggest cancer lie exposed

Sadly, millions of people are being manipulated into believing that cancer is an outside “enemy” – which invades the body and requires surgery, chemotherapy and radiation to treat it. This is the biggest lie ever told to the public – it’s simply NOT true.

Public deception in the name of corporate profits. The conventional cancer industry remains, to this day, a mere sales representative for the greedy pharmaceutical corporations that control mainstream media outlets throughout the world. This is why most people are in the dark about the true cause of cancer.

Cancer defined: What your doctor is NOT allowed to say – thanks to big pharma

According to Bill Henderson, “cancer is a temporary imbalance in our bodies, caused by free radicals or chemicals and the cell gets damaged to the point that it cannot take up enough oxygen to survive as a normal cell. And this was proven back in the 1920s by Dr. Otto Warburg.”

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