Friends of Royalty – Soames, who is demanding Tom Watson apologise

Sir Nicholas Soames and other Tory MPs demand apology from Tom Watson over Leon Brittan ‘lies’

Some background…

Soames considers Prince Charles his best friend and was his equerry from 1970 to 1972. Charles was best man at his wedding to the heiress Catherine Weatherall in 1981.

Prince Charles’ friend Nicholas Soames threatened Diana six months before her death and warned her to stop meddling in a controversy over landmines, the inquest heard yesterday.

MP Nicholas Soames denies working at four firms affects his local duty …security company AEGIS Defence Services Limited, finance companies MMC Group and Intrepid Capital Partners, and the renewable energy firm Aggregated Micro Power Limited.

The CEO of SERCO is Cameron’s mate, fellow Old Etonian Rupert Soames, brother of Tory MP and Cameron loyalist Nicholas Soames.

SENIOR Tory Nicholas Soames will be accused of being a serial sex pest in a new book about female MPs.At least six women MPs have complained about the grandson of Winston Churchill and close pal of Prince Charles, claiming he repeatedly made crude and vulgar comments.

Ms Sones commented: “The name of Nicholas Soames came up again and again when we talked to women MPs

Richard John Grenville Spring, Baron Risby was pps to Nicholas Soames  (1996–97)

Spring (of 3-in-a-bed-romp) – was married to Hon. Jane Henniker-Major, daughter of John Henniker-Major, 8th Baron Henniker, in 1979 in Westminster.

 Spring MP quit as Parliamentary secretary to Ulster chief Sir Patrick Mayhew after his steamy session with a Sunday school teacher and a male friend was revealed last April.
 The embarrassment was increased when it was revealed he had made insulting remarks about the sex life of John Major and members of the Royal Family.
Convicted child rapist and PIE member Peter Righton was allowed to live at the Thornham Magna estate of Lord Henniker in Suffolk, where children from Islington continued to be taken, apparently until his death;
(Righton’s partner Charles Napier is half-brother to John Whittingdale and Charles Napier is related to Sir Peter Hayman’s wife)
Peter Hayman’s wife name was Rosemary Eardley Blomefield, Napier’s cousin
Foreign Office,  Sir Peter Hayman Under Secretary of State. Lord Henniker Assistant Under Secretary of State.
Sir Peter Hayman and Lord Henniker served as Majors in the Rifle Brigade during World War 2.

When the investigation began, Righton and his male lover fled to a country estate which is also an educational and recreational centre for children. Teachers, parents and welfare officials who send children to the estate are unaware of the two men and the police investigation into alleged paedophilia.

Prince Philip is godfather to Henniker’s child
Member of Parliament Tom Watson wrote that the Chief Constable of Suffolk warned against Righton being allowed to live at the estate but was ignored.