Patrick Rock

Patrick Rock

Patrick Robert John Rock de Besombes is scheduled to appear in Court on October 16th (allegedly)

Following this advisory notice from the Met police re Operation Midland (tho not directly related to Rock)

he wishes to draw attention to the risk of publishing material that gives the impression of pre-judging the outcome of the investigation and any criminal proceedings that may follow, or which might prejudice any such proceedings.

so we’re using published commentary to describe the close association between Dave and Patrick

Let’s talk about ROCK and Team Cameron shall we?

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 17.49.31

Llewelyn & Rockcameron teamTeam CameronRock -1

Patrick Rock

I’m sure Dave is very concerned about Rock’s welfare – given their close long-term associations?

It seems that someone has ensured that Rock’s ”welfare” is being taken care of…

Rock welfare 2

Rock welfare 1

Would that be Rock’s – or Cameron’s protection?

No links given – intentionally. Makes it more of a challenge ? *smiley face*