VIP paedophile inquiry: Police criticise Panorama broadcast.. “The COVER UP begins again”

The BBC’s decision to air a Panorama programme on child sexual abuse has been criticised by the Metropolitan Police, which says the broadcast could affect inquiries.

It said it had “serious concerns” about the programme’s impact on witnesses and victims considering coming forward.

A man who made allegations against VIPs told Panorama that campaigners may have led him into making sex abuse claims.

The BBC said it was “important and fair investigative journalism”.

However, Norfolk Constabulary chief constable Simon Bailey, who oversees child abuse investigations for the National Police Chiefs’ Council, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme Scotland Yard was “absolutely right” to express concern publically over the programme.

In a statement that referred to the Panorama programme, called The VIP Paedophile Ring: What’s the Truth?, the Metropolitan Police warned: “Seeing an individual make allegations and then be targeted by the media is not going to encourage others to speak out.”

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