Peter Ball

Peter Ball’s latest arrest came in 2011 but only after a retired police officer working in safeguarding for Lambeth Palace found files relating to the case and passed them on to Sussex Police. 


Peter Ball has a twin brother

michael ball

The Community of the Glorious Ascension is an Anglican monastic community in the United Kingdom, co-founded in 1960 by twin brothers Michael Ball and Peter Ball who both later became bishops.

Another member of the Balls bros’ Community of Glorious Ascension – Bishop Dominc Walker – performs exorcisms and

In 2015 the British tabloid press published articles saying that Walker had reported Leo Abse, George Thomas and Enoch Powell to the police as suspected paedophiles .[14] He said that “A number of survivors independently gave the name of a particular MP being involved … I don’t believe there was any collusion in their stories.”[15] Walker went on to tell senior clerics that Abse was named by three abuse survivors whom he had counselled when a vicar in Brighton in the 1980s.

More on Ball and his ‘connections’ :

The above is an extract from Goody’s research which unearthed a great many more ‘connections’.