Police admit they will IGNORE law banning smoking in cars

Police bosses say it is an “unnecessary extra layer of bureaucracy”.

So – tho I agree that this ‘legislation” would be impracticable to enforce day to day – (apart from being another erosion of personal choice and freedoms) – is this – as a statement -basically saying that police can choose to ignore legislation if it’s too beaurocratic?

Under the Smoke-Free (Private Vehicles) Regulations 2015, it will now be an offence to light up in a car carrying children under the age of 18.

The smoking ban can be enforced by the police, who have the power to stop the vehicle and council workers, who do not have this power.

COUNCIL WORKERS?   Where did that come from? Who exctly does that include? Direct employees and/or private partnerships/sub contractors? 


We are now entering a Beyond Bedlam state – trapped in a nightmarish world, from which there is no hope of escape – unless everybody reactivates common sense.