Britain is fueling Mexico’s brutal drug war, anti-arms charity warns

Britain is fueling a deadly conflict in Mexico as human rights abuses become entrenched and the state’s drug war spirals out of control, an anti-arms trade charity has warned.

In a bid to highlight UK complicity in Mexican human rights violations, campaigners gathered outside the Mexican Embassy in London earlier this week.

The protesters called upon the British government to stop its arms sales to Mexico, as allegations of torture committed by the state’s police and armed forces mount.

The campaigners gathered at the embassy in Mayfair on the anniversary of a brutal police massacre in the Mexican town of Iguala in 2014.

Mexican police ambushed a fleet of buses carrying students who were making their way to a protest.

The police and a number of unidentified gunmen subsequently opened fire, leaving six people dead and injuring others. The officers abducted a further 43 students, who were never seen again.

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