How your PHONE could help test for chlamydia

A new smartphone test to detect chlamydia could reveal if you have the sexually transmitted disease within just 30 minutes, experts have said.

The first-of-a-kind portable device, which measures around six inches, has been developed by a team of scientists at Johns Hopkins University.

They hope that the prototype, known as mobiLab, will make chlamydia screening easier as well as cheaper.

Most people with chlamydia are not aware of it because the infection often causes no symptoms.

The mobiLab test, developed by Johns Hopkins University, is able to detect and diagnose chlamydia within 30 minutes, and allows doctors to perform the test in their surgeries, rather than wait for laboratory results

But if left untreated, this STD can develop into pelvic inflammatory disease and irreversibly damage a woman’s reproductive system.