15 Prominent Public Figures Identified In Investigation Into Historical Child Abuse

Link:  ITV  

I may need some help in fathoming what the msm is trying to convey in this short report…….

Operation Whistle

15 prominent public figures have been identified

Because of the historic (?) nature of the claims, 10 of them are now dead.

Translation: it’s not a case of being ignored at the time – and it’s all so long ago?

Allegations against 60 suspects in total have been made, and the team are currently working with 45 victims.

Do they mean that 15 out of the 60 are “prominent” – and what do they mean by “prominent”?  Well known public figures? Like MP’s? Or who?

4 arrests have been made with two being charged.

That’s 2 charges out of 60 suspects – right?

A similar investigation in the UK, Operation Yewtree, saw 16 victims allege they suffered abuse at the hands of Jimmy Saville whilst in Jersey.

Why don’t they just state that OPERATION WHISTLE is a JERSEY investigation?

WHY don’t they mention Haute de la Garenne?


p.s imo the  lad at Savile’s left elbow is a dead ringer for Stephen Purdew of Champney’s/Henlow Grange