Expenses row Tory Douglas Hogg among raft of political cronies and failed MPs given peerages

A raft of former MPs and political cronies were today handed seats in the House of Lords, as David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband doled out peerages to their allies.

Downing Street this afternoon announced 26 names proposed by the Prime Minister, including the former foreign secretary William Hague and long-serving Downing Street gatekeeper Kate Fall.

The controversial Tory grandee Douglas Hogg, who claimed £2,200 on expenses to clean his moat, was also given a life-time seat in the Upper House.

The Lib Dems meanwhile handed out 11 peerages – three more than their total strength in the House of Commons. Most of those put forward were MPs thrown out by voters in May.

Labour announced eight new peers, including former MPs David Blunkett, Alistair Darling and London Mayoral candidate Tessa Jowell.