Harvey Proctor – porn/pawn?

So what’s going on with this publicity stunt?

My Exclusive Interview with Harvey Proctor (video)

Harvey Proctor: Former MP accuses police of ‘homosexual witch hunt’ after murder probe

Interesting choice of words?

‘Witch hunt’? Isn’t that Cameron’s choice of phraseology  back in Nov 2012 – when the government were forced to announce two  investigations relating to the findings of the Waterhouse Tribunal?

Police in the blame frame

Interesting choice of venue?

St Ermin’s hotel – with it’s links to spies and clandestine ops

St Ermin’s Hotel Intelligence Book of the Year Award

Interesting MSM headlines?

Harvey Proctor: Former MP ends anonymity of the rest of alleged nine-strong paedophile gang

Interesting that the above headline infers that there were only nine abusers – most deceased(**)

In marked contrast to:

76 politicians, 178 celebrities and 7 sports stars: the scale of VIP child sex abuse inquiry

Interesting that Proctor’s formal press statement spells out a full list of accusations, hitherto not made public?

(One very important point to make is that this statement has not been checked exactly with what he actually said today.)


Imo it would be:

Interesting to know if Proctor’s being paid or blackmailed

(**) Interesting that Sir William Gerald Hugh Beach GBE KCB MC – according to National Archives was born in 1923 – and died in 1993 – tho not according to wiki)