‘I See People in Parliament Who Should Be in Prison’

Labour Member of Parliament John Mann has told Germany’s Weltspiegel television channel that he sees people walking around the British Parliament who “should be in prison”, in an interview about the ongoing Westminster paedophile scandal. 

The six minute news item was broadcast earlier this week, and shed further light on the level of corruption and cover ups in Westminster following decades of alleged child abuse by leading politicians and political figures.

“It could become the largest political and moral scandal in British history,” the piece begins, in German.

Breitbart London has translated the clip, below, for English speaking audiences.

“Scotland Yard investigates at least one paedophile ring, which allegedly has been acting for decades, even around Westminster. Incredible accusations have been made: organised child molestation by celebrities and politicians in high positions, which have been covered by the police. Incredible crimes, for decades, since the 60s.”

“Currently there is an investigation against 1400 people, even a former prime minister. And there are daily new revelations, because the victims had remained silent due to fear and embarrassment.”

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