The New X Factor UK Promo is All About Illuminati Mind Control

The promo of X Factor UK 2015 depicts the judges as mind controlled robots being programmed in an underground lab. It is a rather accurate way of describing the music industry.

X Factor is one of those singing competitions plaguing the music industry today, turning an art form that is about creativity and artistic expression into one big popularity contest, where the “winner” has the opportunity to become the latest music industry slave. These competitions, which take place around the world to reach various markets, are literal pop star creation factories, churning out one puppet after another, binding them into an airtight contracts and forcing them to follow the guidelines of the occult elite.

The judges of these shows are puppets themselves who are asked to sit there and judge one asinine music performance after the other, criticizing those who do not fit that specific “pop music” mold. So when I saw the latest promo of X Factor UK, which depicts the judges as programmed robots, I found it accurate yet troubling : It is yet another example of the elite flaunting its complete control on the industry to the masses – without them even realizing it. Here’s the promo.

The ad takes place in the “Secret X Factor Underground Base”. Why would a singing competition require a secret underground base?

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