‘British Army must stop using dangerous anti-malaria drug’ – MP

Conservative MP Johnny Mercer has joined military doctors and soldiers in calling on the British Army to stop handing out cheap anti-malaria drug Lariam, which they claim causes psychological disorders.

Mercer said the drug should be withdrawn from distribution until an investigation is conducted into its safety.

Mercer, who is a former army officer and Afghanistan veteran, said he receives regular letters from people across the country expressing their concerns about the medicine.

Lariam, which is produced by British drug manufacturer Roche, was banned by US Special Forces two years ago and is not distributed to pilots or drivers in the British military.

However, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) continues to issue soldiers Lariam despite it being linked to the 2012 Panjwai Massacre, in which a US soldier slaughtered 17 Afghan civilians after taking the drug.

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