Board Certified Medical Doctor Explains Why Vaccine Policies and Injections Onto Children Are An ‘Egregious Crime’

My name is Dr Suzanne Humphries. I am a medical doctor, board certified in Nephrology and trained in Internal Medicine. I hold active unrestricted medical licenses in Maine and Virginia. After 10 good years as a nephrologist at Eastern Maine Medical Center, I resigned from my position, sold my share of my medical practice and left because of the issues I faced regarding vaccination in my own patients.

For me the problems began with a hospital policy, which changed in 2008 to vaccinate as many patients as possible, on the first hospital day, even if they were in acute kidney failure, heart failure, sepsis, or were cancer patients on chemotherapy.

A pharmacist would go into the patient’s room, show them one sheet of paper from the CDC with limited biased information, and offer them one or more vaccines. If the patient consented, which most did, an order was put into the computer with the attending physician’s name often before a doctor had even seen the patient or a diagnosis had been made, and the nurse would give the vaccine.

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