Female and Male Brains Operate Differently at Molecular Level, New Study Reveals

Among their findings, Dr Woolley and her colleagues at Northwestern University found that a drug called URB597, which regulates a molecule important in neurotransmitter release, had an effect in females that it did not have in males.

While the study was done in rats, it has broad implications for humans because this drug and others like it are currently being tested in clinical trials in humans.

(They treat us all like lab rats)

“We don’t know whether this finding will translate to humans or not, but right now people who are investigating endocannabinoids in humans probably are not aware that manipulating these molecules could have different effects in males and females.”

(  endocannabinoids    Does this eplain the recent relaxation of marijuana legislation in so many places? Are they doing another 1970’s “LSD type” mass MK trial?)