PLEASE SHARE :Calderdale Council accused of covering up the scale of child sexual abuse which took place in care homes.

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Calls for new investigation into alleged child abuse at care homes in Calderdale

There are calls for fresh investigations into alleged child sex abuse at care homes in Calderdale, dating back more than thirty years. Victims and supporters staged a protest today outside the council’s offices in Halifax to demand justice over cases which they claim were not fully looked into at the time, despite some successful prosecutions. They say vulnerable children are still not being protected

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Kaz’s Event was also covered on BBC

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Kaz’s amazing dedication and hard work has resulted in significant breakthroughs following the event organised on 14 August in Halifax.

The level of msm coverage has been superb and we thank all those involved, including the police, who helped facilitate.

Most of all we thank Kaz and Jay and all those who were there.


Much, MUCH more in the pipeline.