What would we think if Westminster child abuse scandal was in another country?

The full scale of the Westminster child abuse network is not yet entirely known. In the wake of the revelations over once-loved national treasure, now disgraced celebrity Jimmy Savile, more and more high-profile figures have been named as part of several ongoing police investigations.

Allegations stretching back for many decades right through to the present day involve senior political figures, high ranking police officers and TV personalities.

The late Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith MP are among those so far named and shamed, the full extent of their behaviour finally coming to light only now, many years and after many of the assaults on children took place. The fact that these predators picked on some of the most vulnerable, defenceless people in society, children living in children’s homes, only compounds the magnitude of the crimes committed and highlights just how vile the political establishment in the UK really is.

And let’s not delude ourselves: While many in the media are portraying these crimes as so-called “historic” child abuse, there is every reason to think that the same sordid network still exists.

Margaret Thatcher, who was good friends with Jimmy Savile, tried her best to keep a lid on the scandal which allegedly involved many key figures of the Conservative Party. In the run-up to this year’s general election David Cameron did the same thing.

Nevertheless, one senses the dam of lies built up to protect these high-ranking abusers, from some of the most powerful positions in society, is about to break.

The latest political figure to be named in investigations is Ted Heath. The former PM was once very good friends with Jimmy Savile, who had access to children’s homes due to his prestige as a trusted charity worker and celebrity. Savile also used to accompany Heath on yachting excursions.

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