Agreed! Tony Blair ‘should be dragged in shackles to war crimes court’, father of dead solider says


Tony Blair should be “dragged in shackles off to court as a war criminal”, the father of a soldier who died in Iraq has said as families pledged legal action unless the Chilcot Inquiry is published this year.

Reg Keys, whose son Lance Corporal Tom Keys was killed in Iraq in 2003 aged 20, said delay in publishing the inquiry’s findings was stopping grieving families from getting “closure”.

He criticised inquiry chairman sir John for getting the balance “completely wrong” between getting answers for victims’ families and reflecting the concerns of those politicians who made the decisions and are criticised.

Mr Keys is part of a group of 29 families who have issued a legal ultimatum to Sir John, believing the law requiring inquiries to be concluded in a reasonable time frame may have been breached.

Much of the anger is focused on the ongoing “Maxwellisation” process, which gives the opportunity to individuals facing possible criticism in the report to respond and is holding up publication.

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