Advert offering a BABY for sale for £15,000 appears on classified website

By Stephanie Linning

An advert selling a baby boy for £15,000 was spotted on a website for second-hand goods.

The post appeared on West Midlands classified site under the heading: ‘15,000 1 Year Months Old Boy For Adoption’.

Accompanied by a seemingly professional baby photo, the listing said the toddler, named Daniel, ‘loved cars, stacking cups, balls and books’, as well as ‘cuddles and being around other children’.

It claimed the child was ‘under the care of the church’ and invited users to send an email if they wanted ‘to know more about Daniel, his parents and his adoption procedure’.

Posted by user ‘jamescamalida’, the post, which has since been removed, also appeared on other local versions of the site for Sandwell, Wolverhampton and Walsall.

A number of concerned users contacted the website after seeing the advert. Helen Slater, from Dudley, who spotted the post on July 25 said she was ‘absolutely stunned’.