Is popular Kids Company founder being silenced by the government?

The trouble with Kids Company

14 February 2015

Joan Woolard, who sold her house just over a year ago so as to give the proceeds to Kids Company. Less than a year after making her enormous donation, of about £200,000, she became so disillusioned that she complained to the Charity Commission and is demanding back her money. I wrote about Mrs Woolard, a 76-year-old widow from Lincolnshire, for the Oldie magazine. My piece covered her wider life, which included working as a Labour MP’s secretary.

Joan Woolard-  a UKIP candidate who fought off Barclays? ‘‘I sold my house in a day” & Heckler of the Year?

not your average pensioner then?

Outspoken and charismatic children’s advocate has claimed she is being ‘silenced’ for speaking out against the child protection system

The child protection world was rocked this morning when news emerged that popular children’s advocate Camila Batmanghelidjh, chief executive of Kids Company, is to step down from her post.

The news followed a joint investigation by Newsnight and Buzzfeed, which found the Cabinet Office was refusing to provide the charity with any further funding unless Batmanghelidjh stepped down.

The drama’s been brewing a while then?

Kids Company ‘to close’ despite £3m Government handout a week ago

By 05 Aug 2015

The Cabinet Office’s lead official, Richard Heaton, wrote to ministers asking for a “ministerial direction” before making the £3 million payment, raising doubts about whether the funding would deliver “value for money”. However, he was assured that the payment should be made.

Why does that remind me of PIE being funded by the Home Office?

Kids Company founder Camila Batmanghelidjh claims scale of child sex abuse by senior Establish figures is worse than we think

“There is more [than we know about] that is being suppressed, and some if it involves historic sexual abuse of children, involving very senior members of the establishment.” – she said

But Cam sweetie why use ‘historic’ ? – we know that the abuse is current and that serving MP’s are involved

Have the twin Cams lost their Common Purpose ?