Heath’s missing sailors and Bouley Bay

For those pondering recent articles and locations in Jersey – maybe the following information will give some clues.

Author Linda claimed she later went with the senator to Bouley Bay to watch the yacht return. She said: “We counted them back but one boy was missing.


Why would boys be dropped back in Bouley Bay?

Some Historical context

No doubt you have all heard about The Variety Club in Jersey, but did you know how it all started?

Their first event was held in a full size circus tent, which was obtained from a carnival company.  A local newspaper artist caught the spirit of the occasion and for the front cover of the menu he sketched a typical circus barker, a broad-chested individual wearing a frock coat, a checked waistcoat, winged collar and a top hat.  This barker, with full moustache and mouth wide open as he barked the customary circus jargon, became the official insignia of the organisation and is now recognised throughout the world as the copyright trademark of the Variety Club. Hence, all members are called ‘Barkers’ and The Variety Clubs around the world are known as ‘Tents’.  Word soon travelled around the globe and Variety Club Tents popped up in all four corners of the world.  There are over 50 Tents worldwide, and Jersey is Tent 52.  International President Ralph W. Pries presented the Variety Club of Jersey – Tent 52 with its Charter at an inaugural luncheon held at The Waters Edge Hotel, Bouley Bay on Wednesday 17th July 1968.  Our first Chief Barker was Leonard Matchan and those named in the Jersey Charter were Sir Billy Butlin MBE, Deputy Cyril Tanguy, Jack Harrison, George Evans, Peter Wood, Vincent Cimattai and Maurice Smith.

And Savile had a place in Bouley Bay………the villa was called ‘The Reef Villa’ and it was available to rent. It was in Bouley Bay but not at the ‘The Water’s Edge Hotel’ or their chalets. It was a small rental villa just up the hill past the chalets and tucked in beside the cliff pathway.Very private and all that.

and how do I know? It’s all there on the Jimmy Savile outed as a paedo thread on David Icke. Pictures and links have been scrubbed over the years – but the core info remains.
And TTW4 – your photographic analysis was forensic – I salute you sir.
Other Savile pictures



p.s – another one


Note all the dates – and the ceiling – or is it the floor?