Edward Heath claims: Brothel keeper denies accusing former PM

A former brothel keeper has denied accusing ex-Prime Minister Edward Heath of involvement in child sexual abuse.

Myra Forde’s ex-lawyer says she did not state that the late PM was a client, nor did she threaten to expose him if a prosecution against her was continued.

Forde says she has “no knowledge of any misconduct on his part” and recent media coverage had caused her distress.

Despite that denial

Investigation into Edward Heath child abuse claims to go national

A nationally coordinated police investigation into claims that the former prime minister Edward Heath sexually abused children is to be set up by the end of the week.

The inquiry will be led by a senior investigating officer who is likely to be appointed from either the Kent, Wiltshire or Hampshire force, all of which are investigating separate allegations that Heath sexually abused children.

Strange the silence from one whose tenure in government spans Heath and Thatcher?

Ken Clarke: big beast from the Cambridge mafia

As a student Clarke was said to be one of the “Cambridge mafia” of the 1960s which produced a clutch of men who would later become key figures in the Tory party. Clarke followed closely in the footsteps of Sir Leon Brittan

David Cameron is the fourth Conservative prime minister Clarke has served under after high-profile stints with Ted Heath, Margaret Thatcher and John Major.

He worked with them all

Is there more to Ken the Bloke?

Only a handful of ministers served right through the 18 years of the Thatcher and Major governments, and Clarke was the only member of that tiny group who also held office under Edward Heath in 1972-74, as a junior whip.

In fact, three of the “mafia” contemporaries – Leon Brittan, Norman Fowler and John Gummer – remained friends and allies of Clarke.

Child abuse loophole closed

People accused of seriously abusing children or vulnerable adults who try to escape justice by staying silent or blaming someone else, will face up to 10 years in prison Ken Clarke announced

Does that include politicians Ken?