Edward Heath 1961

Friends loyal to Sir Edward Heath blast police for only making allegations public after his death

Tory MP for Lincolnshire Michael Brown:

‘So if there was any paedoism going on by Sir Edward Heath it would have been with the connivance of his special protection officers who guarded him from 1970 on June 18 until the day he died.

‘You don’t need to be Inspector Clouseau to work that one out.’

That seems logical. What follows is more ambiguous

He (Michael Brown) dismissed reports that a 12-year-old was picked up in August 1961 by Sir Edward and taken to his Mayfair flat.

‘We know what he was doing for the month of August because he wasn’t even in Britain. This man who claims to have been paedoed by him in 1961 in August couldn’t have been there because he wasn’t in Bexley, he wasn’t in Kent.’

From Heath’s autobio (hard copy):

(p 210) 3 August in the House of Comons – speech

(p 211) ” As soon as our application to enter into negotiations with the Community had been accepted, I went off to join the Seligmans on holiday…… at St Jacut-de-la-Mer in Brittany. A few days later, on August 18th…………(picked) up copy of English newspaper….

So when did he actually go on holiday? After 3rd August obviously.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 13.11.58

From 3rd /4th August to 18th, when he was in Brittany – would that be considered ” a few days later”? Or would a timescale of 10th/11th August, for the start of Heath’s holiday fit the description better?

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