‘Dirty money is not welcome here’. Stop laughing, you couldn’t make it up, he actually said it!

This is the same man whose family has offshore tax havens.

The very same who hands his mates large chunks of publicly owned assets. ie The NHS.

The man who covers up for establishment paedophiles, allows Starbucks, Costa, Amazon, Google and Tescos among many others, to avoid Corporation Tax.

A man who allows HSBC and Barclays to launder millions of £ drug money, fiddle interest rates and manipulate gold and silver prices.

A man who allows LIBOR and exchange rates fiddling, interest rate manipulation, will not prosecute individual, fraudulent banksters and creates phoney terrorism.

How much more of this moronic puppet are we, the taxpayers, prepared to tolerate?

No, you couldn’t make it up, we just seem to accept being lied to, deceived, stolen from, made fools of, all in the course of a day!