Police reveal court case was pulled to stop Ted Heath child abuse allegations being aired

Well – that should knock other trending names off twitter?

He revealed that a now retired senior police officer with Wiltshire police claimed a criminal prosecution for an unrelated offence was dropped during the 1990s, because one of the people involved in the case threatened to name Sir Edward as a child abuser when he gave evidence in court.

Sir Edward lived in Salisbury for around 25 years until his death in 2005 at the age of 89. It has not been disclosed when or where the alleged abuse is supposed to have taken place.

No-one’s mentioned Jersey then?

And the investigation is into the POLICE – and not Heath’s abuse?

Sir Edward Heath child abuse claims: IPCC to probe allegation police failed to pursue ex-Tory PM

Ed Heath foundation ‘gobsmacked’ over allegations

They’re in a minority then?

Which politicians are linked to Westminster child abuse scandal?

Might be a shorter list if they asked ‘Which aren’t?