Think Lord Sewel is bad? These are the seven deadliest sinners in the House of Lords

Some people, such as the Prime Minister, think that Lord Sewel should quit the House of Lords after apparently being caught in a sex and drugs sting. What they do not realise is that John Buttifant Sewel was simply upholding the finest traditions of the Upper House.

Indeed his exploits look positively tame compared to some. If you really want to see a rogue in ermine, check out this list – gathered from our extensive obituaries archive – of seven deadly miscreant peers.

7. The 5th Lord Vivian (Conservative, died 1991)

Anthony Vivian became a national celebrity in 1954, when he was shot by Mavis Wheeler, the former wife of Sir Mortimer Wheeler and the former mistress of Augustus John. At the trial, the principal problem for both the defence and the prosecution was that Vivian himself did not seem to be clear about what had happened.

He admitted to the court that during the time between his arrival at the cottage that day and the shooting that night he had drunk a quarter bottle of wine, three liqueurs, seven to eight glasses of sherry, three to four bottles of stout and “possibly two other drinks”.