The BBC did know about serious concerns regarding Ken Clarke on the 6th Oct 2012, some 11days before Ben Fellows claimed an assault

James Reed



Hi there,

I’m a reporter at BBC Newsnight. We’re looking into allegations of sexual abuse at children’s homes in the 1970s/80s at the moment. I saw some interesting research about this on your website. Could someone at the organisation possibly give me a call to discuss how you might be able to help us out?


Jim Reed


BBC Newsnight

+44 7921 64 88 26



Certainly, I am happy to let you know all the info I have been told over the years. From Harvey Proctor, Leon Britain, Cliff Richard, Ted Heath, Kenneth Clarke, associates like those that helped in the transport such as the helicopters involved in the Westland Affair, driving VIP’s to Children’s homes. Jeffery Archer and another can’t remember the name just now who bought the tie shop for Proctor to hush him up… all sorts. Anyway the main one was a guest House in Barnes and I named all those people apart from Kenneth Clarke where there is no evidence of him being involved in anything just gossip about him having kids to mentally ill patients in hospitals.

This industry is so old fashioned now and I am glad that it is being smashed to bits,. Sentencing needs to be life to really do the deed!!!

I am very busy this week but perhaps at the weekend I can get back to you with anything I have it’s just the case files are all in storage.



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