Revealed: Secret plan to put 5,000 heavily-armed troops on streets of Britain to fight jihadis in event of a terror attack

Operation Temperer would see troops guard key targets with armed police

The shocking plans for ‘large-scale military support’ to the police are contained in documents uncovered by The Mail on Sunday. They have been drawn up by police chiefs and are being discussed at the highest levels of Government, but have never been revealed in public or mentioned in Parliament.

The mass deployment of Army personnel on the streets of mainland Britain would be hugely controversial, even if it helped keep the population safe, because it could give the impression that the Government had lost control or that martial law was being imposed.

‘Discussions were ongoing with Government’, the minutes added, saying: ‘Chiefs recognised that the Army played an important part in national resilience and supported the work going forward.’

After being spotted by this newspaper, this section was removed from the NPCC website on Friday.

I wonder what they’re really afraid of?