Lord Sewel resigns after ‘snorting cocaine with two prostitutes’

A married peer who oversees standards in the House of Lords has resigned after being pictured allegedly taking cocaine with two prostitutes.

Lord Sewel, a Deputy Speaker of the Lords, tendered his resignation amid claims he took the Class A drug at a sex party.

Baron John Sewel, an ex-ally of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, was said to have been caught on video telling the £200-a-night prostitutes that he wanted to “be led astray”.

In footage published by The Sun on Sunday, the 69-year-old cross-bench peer is said to have stripped naked in front of the pair in his flat near Westminster last week.

Hunched over a table, the former Labour minister for Agriculture, Environment and Fisheries is pictured with a rolled-up bank note in his hand as he appears to snort white powder.

The peer, who is married to Lady Jennifer, is seen in the footage with his wedding ring on show.

One of the escorts is said to have told Lord Sewel: “You’re such a party animal!”, before he allegedly replied: “I know. Disgusting, isn’t it?”

He is alleged to have snorted three lines of cocaine during the 45-minute session.