Ben Fellows

I am being asked why I am not reporting on my dear friend Ben Fellows court case, well I would rather the report came directly from the horses mouth itself.

What I can say is that, on the surface the prosecution don’t seem to be having an easy time of things.

Sylvia Young from The Silvia Young Stage School made herself look a fool by telling the court Ben had never trained as an actor with her but when Ben’s barrister showed her the acceptance letter and receipts along with 22 pages of evidence connected with her school, she soon backed down and said she must have been mistaken.

Yesterday saw Exaro News man David Henke in the dock and The Cook report producer Silvia Jones who seemed very nervous and forgetful.

Today Roger Cook appeared and claimed he had not heard of Ben.

The case is now adjourned until Monday when the former Minister without Portfolio takes to the stand and Ben will make his 1st appearence in the witness box.

I will be back up with Ben next week to support him through the final days of the trial and after that I will have the full story directly from Ben himself.

Ben wants to thank everyone for their support, it means so much to him.