MI5 ‘helped Margaret Thatcher cover-up paedophile Tory MP’s activities’ new documents reveal

From a promising headline start – we then get

The head of MI5 warned Margaret Thatcher’s Cabinet Secretary that an unnamed MP, understood to be a senior Tory, had “a penchant for small boys”, Government child abuse papers have revealed.

The newly unearthed documents link Mrs Thatcher’s former parliamentary secretary Sir Peter Morrison, former Home Secretary Leon Brittan, former diplomat Sir Peter Hayman and ex-minister Sir William van Straubenzee to the establishment paedophilia scandal.

All four men are now deceased.

In the bombshell letter written in 1986, MI5 boss Sir Antony Duff (deceased) revealed two sources had accused an MP of child abuse.

But he told Cabinet Secretary Sir Robert Armstrong he accepted the MP’s denials, adding: “At the present stage… the risks of political embarrassment to the Government is rather greater than the security danger.”



In a three-page document from 17 March 1981 titled Sir Peter Hayman – Background Note, unnamed legal officials explain why Hayman was not prosecuted when, three years previously, police discovered he was a member of the Paedophile Information Exchange group, who sent indecent material to others by post and had sexual fantasies about children.


So the 1986 ‘bombshell’ wasn’t Hayman

Armstrong said this of Hayman:

Lord Armstrong, cabinet secretary at the time, said yesterday: “Clearly, I was aware of it at the time but I was not concerned with the personal aspect of it.”


Lord Armstrong (credited with bringing the phrase “economical with the truth” into popular usage) is still alive

Unlikely to be Morrison either – his was an open secret in Westminster. Edwina Currie – who resigned in 1988 – wrote about Morrison being a noted pederast.

So – that leaves Brittan and Straubenzee – or others as yet unnamed?

Without seeing the actual documents, (which have been so ‘miraculously’ recovered – straight after the 60MINS documentary),  we’re not being informed of any investigation into living politicians and high ranking public servants.

I wonder WHY that would be?

Labour MP Simon Danczuk said tonight the papers show “the full weight of the British establishment, including MI5, colluded in a cover-up to protect politicians who sexually abused young boys”.

Labour MP Tom Watson accused the Government of “sneaking out” the papers the day after Parliament’s summer recess began.

He said it meant MPs could not “scrutinise properly” documents nor “hold ministers to account”.


 P.s – Official excuses pages




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