Salary and expenses figures for employing this second rate New Zealand Judge for the CSA inquiry have just been published.

The UK taxpayers are going to have to fork out nearly £2.5 million to cover her between now and 2020 to oversee perhaps the biggest cover up in the last fifty years. Let’s take a look at what Theresa May thinks is good value for money for the taxpayers……….

1. An initial salary of £360K pa up to 2018.

2. £110K pa cost of living allowances.

3. Her rent and utilities paid in full through to 2020.

4. £12K pa for sundries.

5. Full time use of a car and chauffeur.

5. Return flights to New Zealand 1st Class for herself and family.

Nice work if you can get it and an inslult to the loose change paid out to survivors of institutional child abuse and expoitation.

5 Years to bury, shred, lose, alter and modify evidence to get all the establishment paedos off the hook.

Now you all know where your taxes are really being spent!