The NHS can be a global pioneer for new technology ?? Internet of Things

Whilst the fox hunt debate rages thro the msm it’s worth looking behind the curtain:

The NHS Test Bed programme is so crucial to accelerating innovation in the NHS. By creating ‘Test Beds’ of 1-2 million patients in a small number of selected cities, where we can assess the benefits of innovations in real patient pathways, and pioneering new models of paying by results, this new programme will allow us to unlock the potential of the world’s only fully integrated health system to measure and incentivise the impact of innovation, making the UK once again the most inviting place in the world to invest in and develop medical innovations.
So what is The NHS TEST BED programme?
Working in partnership with the 15 Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) the programme will identify around five ‘test beds’ that will receive national support for implementing high potential innovations that respond to local clinical needs.
For example, this could mean equipping patients with wearable technology, combined with new patterns of working for clinical and nursing staff which aim to help patients manage long-term conditions, address any potential problems as early as possible, and help keep them out of hospital.

As part of the government’s commitment to funding large scale demonstrators of Internet of Things technologies, UK-based consortia focused on Internet of Things technologies for health and social care are also invited to come forward.