FBI fabricates terror threats justify existence

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other agencies fabricate terrorist threats in order to justify their existence, rather than to protect Americans, a political commentator and activist in San Francisco says.

Paul Larudee, the Iranian-born American activist involved with the International Solidarity Movement and was a founder of the Free Gaza Movement and the Free Palestine Movement, made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV on Friday.

The FBI said on Thursday that foiled attacks planned to kill Americans around the Fourth of July.

FBI Director James Comey said that more than 10 people in the month before the Independence Day holiday who were inspired by the ISIL terrorist group’s online recruitment were arrested.

“We have actually no evidence that the FBI is doing anything. They want to say that they are on the job, and that they’re preventing attacks. It doesn’t prove anything to say that nothing happened and therefore we are doing a great job. Nonsense!” Larudee said.

“The FBI has proven that it can fabricate all kinds of events. So, in this case, they could fabricate that there were going to be attacks, they warned in advance that they were going to be attacks and then there were no attacks. So what does that prove?” he added.

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