Mega street party on The Mall will celebrate Queen’s 90th birthday.. Whilst families strugle to put food on the table !!

The Queen will be joined by 10,000 guests for one of the world’s biggest street parties to celebrate her 90th birthday next June, Buckingham Palace has announced.

Members of the public will have a chance to take part in the event on The Mall in London through a ballot system, joining invited guests from more than 600 charities of which the Queen is Patron.

The event was dreamed up by the Queen’s grandson Peter Phillips, who is director of a global events agency. He hopes thousands of other street parties will be organised up and down the country to celebrate the Queen’s landmark birthday and her 63 years of service.

He said: “We are aiming to inspire as many people as we can to host street parties of their own for the direct benefit of their community. I hope that people in Britain and across the Commonwealth dust off their picnic tables and join us in celebrating this very special occasion.”

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