Dame leading Jimmy Savile probe asks why BBC didn’t investigate him even though one of its own shows asked if he was a paedophile

A brief reminder on Dame Janet Smith – and her ‘conflicts of interest’


According to the nooz…

Dame Janet Smith is conducting a review into how Savile was able to carry out sexual abuse of children and adults while at the corportation.

But investigative website Exaro says she has voiced her concern about why the broadcaster failed to realise what was happening, despite hints of paedophilia in one of its own programmes 15 years ago.

They found that Dame Janet, a former Court of Appeal judge, has asked several BBC executives what enquiries were made about Savile as a result of a documentary about him presented by Louis Theroux.

In the programme, Mr Theroux explicitly referred to the ‘paedophile’ accusation against Savile, who at one time presented ‘Jim’ll Fix It.’


Is this really earth shattering revelationary news?

NO (OXI :))

The same¬† info was covered in the ‘Jimmy Savile outed as a paedo’ thread back in 2012 (RIP Anders)

For a transcript of the Theroux interview – try this link below:


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