EVIL SPEAKS !! Tony Blair: Iraq war didn’t cause 7/7, Islamic terrorism must be fought militarily

Liar & War Criminal Tony Blair:

Self-belief undiminished a decade on from the 7/7 London bombings, the former prime minister who led Britain to war in Iraq and Afghanistan says the UK must fight extremism militarily.

As the UK remembers the 52 dead and more than 700 wounded in the terror attacks a decade ago, Tony Blair aired his vision of how terrorism must be confronted, telling the BBC on Tuesday, “It’s a global threat, it is, I’m afraid. A growing threat.

But we have got ourselves to a position where it’s very clear that unless we take the right policies and strategy to deal with it, we won’t be able to succeed.

Those require a battle of ideas and a fight against the ideology. Not just the violence, but the ideology and the extremism. But also you have got to have the means of combating these people and combating them on the ground.

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