Tom Crawfords daughter Amanda shares emotional Facebook post, PLEASE SUPPORT The Crawfords by contacting MP’s and getting the shocking videos put there..

Amanda ( Tom’s Daughter)  posted :   Not actually been to sleep so excuse the state of this but
we dont actually know whats gone on, why they did it or why they refused us any paper work to see which in itself is against the law. What i witness yesterday was terrorism. Pure and simple. My nan not yet in her grave our family pet with maybe only hours to live now. We were threatened, attacked, assulted, insulted, laughed by “bailiffs” court staff, “security staff” and most shocking of all the police, all day long even while i was sobbing told we were boring by a police man, god the list is endless. But the crooks of the matter are. We read out to them verbatim the actual laws being broken. Which ive lost count of. They’d cover many pages, the people there to protect us and be impartial, were totally ONLY on the side, with the bank…however. with all this said its only the beginning. Now its a criminal matter, we have plans. Things will get going again. At the end of the day we have every bank docket to prove that we paid over 130k ish on a 41k mortgage. Along with all our other evidence If that in itself apart from the rest of the matter isn’t enough evidence for you i don’t know what it. It was proven in court we did not change the mortgage it was proven the judge could NOT find the figure the bank were claiming we owed, it was also proven that we did not agree for it to be changed, and that the bank did not change it back to its original agreement 2 parties HAVE to agree to change a contract thatvis FACT and was agreed upon in court . However this is all a side matter though, as NO PROCESS was followed. Litrally none. Grater issues and laws have been broken. So once we get it further they are going to have to prove what they are saying. Considering they brought zero evidence to the previous hearing well that will be very interesting wont it. They can’t and they know it. Anyway lifes a fucking ball bag of a bitch sometimes i feel so so sorry for my mum , dad, sister and brother but you know what I couldnt be bloody prouder. One day all will see. The criminals may have won yesterday but not for long. THANKYOU SO SO MUCH for the messages of support you’ll never EVER understand what it means to us. Love you all and THANKYOU for sticking with us xx